Praia de Vilas do Atlântico - Salvador, Bahia (by )


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Pay phone booth repurposed as a tiny library — a “take a book, leave a book” little free library. 

I LOVE THIS — a creative reuse and community win!

This micro-library sits in Houston, Texas, outside local coffee house Black Hole — with a laundromat next door — near the University of St. Thomas and Houston’s Museum District.

(photo by me, Houston-based Unconsumptioneer, mollyblock

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I want to be a wealth of information. 


Jessica Chastain for Madame Figaro


Chicago, IL

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Victoria Falls, Zambia
Adrian Wright

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You put your hair up when you want to look your best. You think it’s more flattering. You’re wrong, of course. It’s a draw.

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